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Holding Stillness

Holding Stillness means that in this space, what we co-create together is just for you.  In stillness you will be heard and seen without judgement. Encouraged to find hope, discover your strengths and take action.

I provide a space for women who are facing difficult life transitions focusing on those exploring postpartum support, grief support and addiction recovery support.

Our coaching is available either in person or virtually.

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Postpartum Support

1 in 7 moms experience postpartum depression, but many never get the help they want or need.


Postpartum can leave you feeling isolated and alone physically and emotionally. It’s important to understand that you’re not alone.  There are resources and support systems that will help you get through this hard time.


Grief comes in countless forms, and so does the way a person chooses to grieve. It may not feel like a choice, but it is a process that we can walk through together in as much time as you need.


Learning to recognize and navigate your grief is an important part of life. Let's start here together.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction is absolutely devastating, and the recovery process isn’t easy. It also isn’t something that you need to do alone. Sometimes it’s enough just having someone to talk to – oftentimes, you may need more help as you continue to move through your recovery journey.

"Kris was the top listed helper in a local search on Postpartum Support International. I was amazed that she was both a PSI coach AND had ten years of hospice experience -  as I have been navigating both postpartum struggles as well as grieving the loss of my mother. Not only was the grief support an unsought bonus, but she was so affordable! I signed up for her biggest package. She tailored our time together to match my needs. We ended up taking outdoor walks on most meetings so getting some nature and exercise wile also getting the support I needed. She is such a grounded and steadying heart-centered person with a clear mind." - Julia Jones

You don't have to continue this journey alone.

Hi there, I am Kris Miller.  Welcome to Holding Stillness.  I am so happy that you are here.


My specialized background in Perinatal Care, Hospice and Addiction Recovery allows me to offer clients empathy and fortitude as they make their way forward in the world. No matter where you're coming from or where you're going, you don't have to do it alone. 

Kris Miller

Registered Nurse,

Life Transitions Coach

Let's Get Started

Our coaching is available either in person or virtually

Holding Stillness and it’s services are not a substitute for psychiatric, psychological and medical treatment.  We are not therapists. We do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

Individual offerings and packages tailored to your specific needs.

Reach out for a free 30 minute discovery call to see what is right for you.

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