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Each Of The Holding Stillness Programs Will Consist Of The Following: 

  • Completion of our Confidentiality Agreement 

  • Completion of our Intake Assessment Questionnaire  

  • Each of these customized programs will also consist of the following: 

    • A one hour session per week to be conducted in person, by video conference, or by phone.  In person sessions will be based off your proximity, and time availability 

    • Unlimited communication between the one hour sessions by email with a guaranteed response within six hours 

    • Customized session will be based off your particular needs, and goals that are defined after completing the Intake Assessment Questionnaire 

  • My goal as your Life Transitions Coach is to be there to witness your journey, recognize areas where self-care is needed, have open discussion, and to provide support as needed.  All coaching is individually tailored to your personal needs. 


Holding Stillness, LLC Program Costs, and Payments, Scheduling, And Cancellation: 

  • Weekly Program: $100.00 (one hour per week) 

  • Four Week Program: $360.00 (four total hours, $90.00 per hour)  

  • Eight Week Program: $640.00 (eight total hours, $80.00 per hour) 

  • Twelve Week Program: $900.00 (twelve total hours, $75.00 per hour) 

  • Programs to run consecutively within any given calendar week (Sunday through Saturday)  

  • Payments are to be made in full, and in advance of starting any Program 

  • Weekly program payments will be required no later than any given Monday at the beginning of each calendar week 

  • Acceptable forms of payment are through: Venmo, Zelle, Paypal or Cash (no personal checks please).   


Holding Stillness, LLC Program Scheduling, And Cancellation: 

  • Each weekly one hour session, or extended weekly Program sessions will be scheduled in advance for the entire length of the Program 

  • Cancellations will need to be made within two hours of any given scheduled session 

  • Scheduled sessions within any given Program period will not be re-scheduled outside the initial number of weeks per Program 

  • Each one hour session will need to be scheduled between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00pm PST 

Holding Stillness, LLC Program Termination: 

  • Termination of any given program may be made by written email, phone call, or by text with or without cause by either party 

  • Termination must be received within two hours of any given scheduled one hour session  

  • If Terminated by Holding Stillness, LLC the Client will be reimbursed in full for any remaining one hour sessions at the hourly rate per Program 

  • If Terminated by the Client, the Client will receive fifty percent (50%) of any remaining sessions at the hourly rate per Program 


Terms and Conditions: 

  • By selecting any of the Programs that are offered by Holding Stillness, LLC, you, as the (Client), are in full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as outlined within this Program.    

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