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Addiction Recovery Support

Addiction is absolutely devastating, and the recovery process isn’t easy. It also isn’t something that you need to do alone. Sometimes it’s enough just having someone to talk to – oftentimes, you may need more help as you continue to move through your recovery journey.

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However you may feel about addiction and “isms”, I will be here to help you in your journey. In recovery, we talk about “how we qualify” for seeking help; at least, that is how I like to present my personal struggle with Addiction. 

I’m not sure which came first my depression or my addiction. What I do know is that I always felt less than. It is often said that addicts are “egomaniacs with an inferiority complex.” On the outside, I put a lot of time and effort into looking like I had all my stuff together. I was put together; educated, professional, successful, had a beautiful family…until I didn’t.

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Gratefully sober with many years of continuous recovery,  I am very active in my recovery program as well as the recovery of other women.  I am always growing in my emotional and physical sobriety.  I have recently become a She Recovers Coach, which means that I agree to and am aligned with the She Recovers guiding principles of recovery. She Recovers believes in different pathways and patchworks of recovery, accepting all and criticizing none. This is a refreshing philosophy as we all are recovering from different things and in different ways. 

My initial recovery began with the 12 Steps. Over time, I have grown in my sobriety and have seasoned it with Contemplative Psychology, daily meditation, and a consistent yoga practice. Recovery is all about openness, honesty and willingness. Minute by minute sometimes. We will gather new coping skills and growth strategies through goal setting, accountability and self-care. I want to nourish your individualized recovery with what has been given to me, along with discovering your strengths and desires. 


We can do this together!

MOVING FORWARD: Coaching Notes

At the beginning of addiction recovery coaching, I want my clients to understand that this is a two-person process. You'll need to meet me halfway with willingness, honesty, and accountability to be successful in your journey to recovery. This does not mean you won't face lows or hard decisions; but if you are honest about your journey, we can move through it and toward recovery together. As part of the coaching process, I provide the following:

  • Meeting you wherever you are in your journey to recovery, with understanding, confidentiality and no judgement.

  • Identifying your personal strengths and using them to increase motivation, obtain sobriety, and co-create new pathways to recovery.

  • Looking ahead at life goals and the path you want to be on.

  • Exploring programs and compiling components that might be most helpful to you as an individual.

  • Listening, normalizing feelings, and giving you a safe space to discuss your experience.

  • Providing you with skills and tools that have been proven to be successful not only for other women, but also for myself as a woman in long-term, continuous recovery.


Understand that once we are able to foster an environment of truth, willingness and accountability we can create a successful path to sobriety and recovery together.

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