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Grief & Loss Support

Grief comes in countless forms, and so does the way a person chooses to grieve. It may not feel like a choice, but it is a process that we can walk through together in as much time as you need.


Learning to recognize and navigate your grief is an important part of life. Let's start here together.


I have had the honor of being able to sit alongside hundreds of grieving families, loved ones, and patients transitioning through the dying process. There is a delicate balance of mindfulness, intuition, compassion and understanding that I have been privileged to witness and implement during each death transition. As a hospice nurse, I have also had the experience of facilitating grief support groups in person and online.

Depending on each circumstance, stillness, active listening and presence is the doorway to beginning our healing. We often feel “stuck” or “heavy” in our grief. We need to know that it is ok to feel the way we feel. I will meet you where you are in your grieving process and together we will collaborate and connect to discover your own grieving process and eventually move through the pain and heal.

Closeup of comforting hands

MOVING FORWARD: Coaching Notes

Grieving is a process that is done on both an individual and social level. It is rarely easy, and one of the areas where holding stillness is most important. I will provide the following:

  • Identifying the needs of the individual or family following a loss.

  • Planning for the present and future.

  • Processing not only grief, but the other emotions that come with it, including overwhelm, emptiness, guilt, loneliness, and more.

  • Helping to keep you grounded utilizing self care practices to help you move through your grief.

  • Being a sounding board and listening ear.


Although grief is a universal experience, not everyone grieves the same way. Coaching will be tailored to your individual needs.

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