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Postpartum Support

1 in 7 moms experience postpartum depression, but many never get the help they want or need.


Postpartum can leave you feeling isolated and alone physically and emotionally. It’s important to understand that you’re not alone.  There are resources and support systems that will help you get through this hard time.

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Many women have support systems and help throughout their pregnancy. Why should it be different after your birth? It is helpful to have support, emotionally and physically, in between your delivery and your first postpartum visit and beyond if necessary. I'm here to be your partner in postpartum recovery after your delivery.

No matter what happened in my life, I always knew that I wanted lots of kids. Starting later in life with family planning, I was blessed with 3 kids in 4 years. But as we all know, parenting is the toughest job we will ever love. I remember feeling the pull of depression and sadness during my second pregnancy. My husband was traveling for work, I was breastfeeding/weaning my then one-year-old and also caring for my father who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I remember calling my OB late on a Friday afternoon in tears, explaining the feelings of overwhelm. I flat out told her that I thought I was “experiencing depression.” There was minimal support, suggestions or solutions. I was told to wait for my next appointment to discuss my feelings.

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I needed a woman who had been through what I was going through to come over and comfort me and let me know that everything was going to be ok. I was too proud to ask friends for help, too “in control” to even ask my family for help as I was trying to be their support during this difficult time with my dad. As a nurse, I was not comfortable with the information that was out there for taking antidepressants. So, I suffered and kept plugging away, sitting in all those uncomfortable feelings, holding it all together and being there for everyone but myself.  Not being the mom that I wanted to be. 

Allow me to help you through this difficult life transition. We are not perfect nor should we think that we need to be. Parenting is HARD!!!  Mommyhood is HARD!!!!. 

I am Certified in Perinatal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International. As a member of their Provider Directory,  I have had the privilege of being able to offer and facilitate support for mothers since December of 2019. 

MOVING FORWARD: Coaching Notes

Having a coach postpartum is like having a doula and a life coach combined. I am here to help by providing guidance in the following areas:

  • Identifying individual and family needs after the arrival of the new baby.

  • Identifying areas of stress and fear. Processing and working through these valid feelings.

  • Keeping an eye on self-care; discussing what might work for you when it comes to self-care options and scheduling.

  • Setting goals; both in relation to baby and family as well as your own personal goals as an individual.

  • Helping you find your voice in the pregnancy journey and in the family matrix postpartum.

  • Maintaining your identity even as it is re-defined.

  • Processing the fears and goals of new parenthood.


My goal is to be there to witness your journey and recognize areas where self-care, discussion, and support are needed. All coaching is individually tailored to your personal needs.

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